russian version

Original Title: PYL
English Title: DUST
Running Time: 107
Format: digital (DVD)

Director: Sergei Loban
Producer: Mikhail Sinev
Production company: SVOI-2000
Script: Marina Potapova
Photography: Dmitri Model

Cast: Aleksey Podolsky, Petr Mamonov, Dmitri Pimenov, Psoi Korolenko, Aleksei Ageev, Larisa Piatnitskaya, and others

Premiere: Moscow, June 2005
Festivals: Moscow International Film Festival 2005 (Diploma of the Jury of Russian Film Critics); Open Film Festival of CIS and Baltic countries KINOSHOK, Anapa, September 2005 (Best film in Digital Format)

The genre of the film DUST could be called fantastic realism or existential drama with elements of the fantastic. Dust means the haste in which people live. Dust is a common misconception, the natural clogging up of the brain. Specks of dust how scientists perceive people, scientists who think they know more than anyone else about the universe.

Sergei Loban was born in Moscow in 1972. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Maths. In 1995, he organised with friends a club in a derelict basement near the Moscow River which, for two years, functioned as the epicentre of non-official culture. In 2001 the independent Belarusian newspaper Navinki invited Sergei and his creative team SVOI 2000 to make a film based on a script of one of the leaders of the Belarusian underground. As a result the first independent Belarusian film was made with a budget of $1000.

46 | 2005 | Russia | documentary | DVCam
by Valeria Gai Germanika
Producer Mikhail Sinev

A few days of life of the three Moscow girls who are up to enter the adulthood. They are saying good-buy to their childhood in the school yards and house corridors, where everything is happening for the first time - from secretly bought cigarettes and cans of jin-tonic to receiving an own passport, experiencing the first love and taking parts in the almost real tragedies...

SIX WITH THEM ALL /scraps of home/
69 | 2005 | Russia | documentary | mini DV
by Sasha Malinin
producer Mikhail Sinev

Film about love which is flowering unshamely on all kind of trash-hills. When love comes nothing else really matter.Yes, nobody wishes to live like these people, but being objective, we understand that they are tasting life totally, that their life with all its grimaces is satisfying them. That this is what life is. Life is life even despite the intelectual judgements we are putting on it.

2006 / 27' / mini-DV / documentary
director, camera: Sasha Malinin
producer: Mikhail Sinev
production, rights: KINOTEATR.DOC

By riffling walls, markedly dusted camera glass, corridor shadows and crumble unclear fraises - this film breaks through the feeling of reality as the most brave documentary shooting. Dreams on the edge with nightmares in the film by Malinin - that is a feeling of millions behind Moscow circle road, inhaling leftovers of the past through glasses and syringes. That's that reality that can't be described to us by television in its daily programs - horror stories. .

2006 / 36' / mini-DV / documentary
director: Valeria Gai Germanika
producer: Mikhail Sinev
production, rights: KINOTEATR.DOC

Story of two brothers 9 and 10 years old: porches in Strogino, mother's apartment, children hostel, gypsies camping-ground and unhappy return home. Dramatic adventures, as any road movie, would tell its heroes about world attributes, would for the first time work them up with loneliness and betrayal.

"Boys" intentionally rhymes with previous film by Valerija Guy Germanika Girls". But if adults world in the first one is rather passive and exists separately from the main heroes in Boys" it is cold as the winter in shots outside the windows.

2006 / 35' / Betacam / feature
director: Andrey Zaitcev
producer: Mikhail Sinev, Andrey Zaitcev
rights, production: KINOTEATR.DOC, SEPTEMBER

On May 27, 2002 on 32 km of Kiev highway a bomb exploded. At the attempt to pull out a poster with a saying "Kill the Heebs" standing on the roadside a woman was damaged. A hand-made bomb was attached to the poster. Shooting of the short feature film dedicated to the first and most well known case - explosion of Kiev highway, started last year in summer. This is artistic reconstruction of the event. Hundreds of cars pass by the poster standing on the roadside. People see the poster; react differently to it, but still pass by.

by Natalia Meschaninova
75 | 2007 | Russia | mini-DV | documentary
production, world rights and sales: KINOTEATR.DOC
producer: Mikhail Sinev

Beauty contest in the retirement home? Horror! you would say. They barely breathe. Not at all! Who said that womanhood, beauty and eye shine die before their owners do? Everybody thinks their only consolation are shelves with drugs. But it is revealed that among these shelves the eternal women steel is hidden. And the old ladies manage it very good.

by Alexander Malinin
55 | 2007 | Russia | Mini-DV | documentary
Producer: Mikhail Sinev
He sharpens a knife, ties dogs clutches and mouth. We still dont know whats going on, but the feeling of threat from this man doesnt leave us. There is nothing serious in factjust an ordinary family, ordinary life. Children, wife, kitchen, TV set. Is he a monster in the mask of an average citizen or is he an ordinary man in the demon guise? But the world around him is tender and cosy, fragrant and breathful.

42 | 2007 | Russia | documentary film by Elena Demidova
production and rights: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

From the permafrost of the North to the sun and the sea thats the train trip from Urengoi, Russian north city. Four and a half thousands kilometers of Russian landscapes, six days of journey. There is time to clear up all kind of questions from existence of God to right of faithlessness, from the genesis of a word to the genesis of species.

Film by Yulia Panasenko, Svetlana Strelnikova
58 | 2007 | Russia | mini-DV | documentary
Production: Yulia Panasenko, Svetlana Strelnikova
World rights and sales: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

Story about return. From return of the documents to return to the life. Needless, idiotic these are the unflattering words that Andrei says about himself. However thirty years of his life could become the script for a fiction film. Run away from an asylum, where he was locked with lifelong diagnosis incapacity, he found himself in the capital the same asylum of a bigger scale. Without documents and homeless, Andrei is seeking the right for free life. His route is between officials offices and endless psychiatric examinations. His goal is to return capability.

35' | 2007| Russia| feature
Film by Bakur Bakuradze and Dmitriy Mamuliya
Production: Salvador D, LemonFilms, KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Julia Mishkinene, Bakur Bakuradze

Few days of life of one Kirghiz family. Nurik works as an odd-job man in the building. His elder brother Mansur is jobless. Mukhabbat tries to help them to solve their problems. The scene of action is Moscow.

13 | 2006 | |

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by Denis Toom
19 | 2006 | Russia | mini-DV | documentary
Production: Denis Toom
World rights and sales: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

There lived three clowns: Santa ClausOnanist and Dancer. Onanist wants to think out a trick which will amaze the world. Dancer builds an aircraft. Santa Claus daughter comes to put him to Spain. His doctors dont advise it because of hot climate. So three friends are on the crossroads: big changes are waiting for them, and everyone ought to uncertainty.

by Maria Tyulyaeva
17 | 2006 | Russia | mini-DV | documentary
Production: Maria Tyulyaeva
International sales and festival rights: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

8-years-old boy Nikita is suffering from cerebral paralysis. He goes to the swimming pool to learn high diving. Nikita trains hard and jumps from 1-, 3-, 5- and 7m platform and even shows his achievement at a competition. Once it was the day to dive from 10m. A lot of adults came to see the jump, but Nikita didn't. And the prepared prize - railroad - was given to another boy who made his first dive.

by Natalia Meschaninova
20 | 2006 | Russia | mini-DV | documentary
Production: Natalya Meschaninova
World rights and sales: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

A fictitious world, fake emotions, epatage and artificial canines that is all Others see in her. Her only question to these Others: Why am I here, among you? Her drama is boredom and the lack of motivation. Her loneliness is lost in a crowd of lonely people of her generation. Twenty minutes about life of the 20-years-old girl, who lives in a world of her own dreams?

20 | 2006 | Russia | DVCam | documenatry
by Elena Demidova
Production: Elena Demidova
World rights and sales: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

Just an ordinary evening on the streets of a small village. Its a Holy Week people clean up their yards and houses on the eve of Easter. The ambulance, as always, works in the hard schedule. Sum of the day: three persons dead, the one is about to be born. Morning again. A new baby was born. His mother looks at him and listens to his first cry. And the ambulance rushes again towards worndown roads, and the chimes strike the song melody I love you, Russia, our dear mother

by Kirill Andronov
13 | 2006 | Russia | DVD/DVCam | documentary
Production: Kirill Andronov
World rights and sales: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

Beat the floor, clap ones hands, cry, repeat meditational Haum just not to keep silence. To produce a sound, feel it extending, filling the space around and not to hear it. Sasha is deaf. He feels comfortable in his own tiny world of silence. It is more simple, clear, naive and unsophisticated and at the same time much more emotional and sensitive. Sashas sounds are in his hands that move rapidly, a bit impatiently maybe, and their dance tends to tell his story But in the depth of teenagers eyes one can read a hidden timid desire to become a part of the great world full of sounds.

by Andrei Grishakov
25 | 2006 | Russia | mini-DV/DVD | documentary
Production: Andrei Grishakov
World rights and sales: KINOTEATR.DOC
Producer: Mikhail Sinev

Its not far from a large Siberian city Ten kilometers of a forest road and a narrow strip of a river separate them from a federal route and a village school. There are four little children in the family, their father, the former pilot, is about 80. Anchorites of their own free, they dont know what tiredness and usual illnesses are. On the other bank of the river, there is a world of noisy companies and increasing prices for bread and milk. Their extraordinary life is here. Over the river

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